Balloon Charities


This page lists the people who 'bought' my balloons by donating to the charity of their choice plus some of the reasons why they did so ... please enjoy reading about them.

Dear Jill, I saw you a day before the start of the project on Trafalgar Square. You were giving an interview to a reporter but I still managed to approach you and speak to you for a while. Then I came back to see you standing on the plinth and managed to catch one of your balloons. I am a teacher from Prague and I decided to include my students into your charitable idea. The money we collected was sent to an organisation which supports orphaned students in India. Best wishes for the New Year and many greetings from Prague.
I donate to The Brooke Hospital monthly by gift aid. I am 65 at the end of the month and my employer is not keeping me on - yes, one can still discriminate against age. I was going to cancel my monthly donation to The Brooke but will keep paying until the end of the year and if I find another job I will carry on until I leave work. I found balloon 42 (Caryn) in my horses' field in Drinkstone Green in Suffolk.
A neighbour stopped me in the street and told me they had made a donation to Cancer Research in my name after reading about my exploits on the plinth!
Colin Johnson, contributor 29 below, is going to be following in the wheel tracks of the Tour de France and from the 17th to 21st July he will be climbing some of the biggest mountains from the world's hardest cycle race. He'll be raising much needed funds for, a local Horsham charity, the Barns Green village play group and I have made a donation to support what he's going to be doing, and it's going to hurt...a lot!
This donation was made by a very supportive taxi driver who drove me to Trafalgar Square yesterday. He asked me to make a donation on his behalf and I have done so to Shelter.
just too late for a balloon (story of my life), but have donated £20 to the MS society. Hope it wasn't too wet ! Graeme
Better late than never - perhaps you could release it from your back garden! I've donated £50 to The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in memory of my beloved mum, Linda, who died 3 years ago on 21st July 2009 from the disease xx
Fantastic idea. Loved the photo in the evening papers! £20 has been donated to Cancer Research. Hope it goes well and the rain holds off..
Hi Jilly, It sounds like you are all set and very excited about Monday. I have decided to donate €50 to Education Camp Nepal (where I volunteered a few years ago) which works to provide an education for children from very poor families (especially girls who are often held back from school so that their brothers can go instead). And I am also donating €50 to GOAL an Irish charity doing relief work in places like Darfur. The Irish Aid worker who was recently kidnapped there - Sharon Commins - was a very good friend of mine while at college and we are all praying for her speedy release. You are doing something truly wonderful and inspirational. Good luck tomorrow. Hugs. :-)
I have donated £50 to Cancer Research and £50 to British Heart Foundation.
Hi Jill - now the sky really is the limit! I've given £30 to Great Ormond St in recognition of your endeavors. I hope you have a great day and that everything goes well for you. I'm looking forward to the photos... Jacky.xx
I'm donating £100 to the Cats Protection League in memory of Blackie.
I'm donating to Action Aid because they help people in the Third World who need our support.
Best of luck with your endeavours. I have donated £10.00 to Macmillan and £5.00 to Children with Luekaemia
In honour of your astounding event, we are using the opportunity to adopt yet another orangutan at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. £5 per month will be going to support the rehabilitation and (hopefully) eventual release back to the wild of Ruthie, in addition to her orange buddies Kesi and Grendon who we adopted in 2006. Hope all goes well on the day, and many thanks for giving us an excuse to expand our Primate Family :-) Many blessings, SJ BOS UK :
Well done Jill. Great Idea. I have donated £20 to the Alder Hey Family House Trust. A great charity that runs a house at Alder Hey where parents can stay close to their seriously ill children. Stayed there myself in 2006 when my daughter was very ill and it really helped the whole family.
Great idea Jill. I've made a £25 donation to Cancer Research UK. Good Luck!!
Hi Jill Fab idea - have just donated £30 to St Peter & St James, a local hospice. Steve Bevan, a friend our ours died very recently from cancer and the support they provide is invaluable. Andrea
Lovely idea Jill. Hope you manage to sell the last 7 balloons! I've donated £10 to Springboard, in Horsham, which provides a great play environment for able and disabled children. Kim
I will be able to watch you release the balloons, knowing one of them will be mine will make it even more special. I have donated £30 to train 5 traditional midwives in Ethiopia to treat post partum hemorrhages, via
What can I say, that will teach you not to read the small print, but Jilly what a great idea. I have made a donation to Cancer Research I think we all know some one who this dreadful disease has touched. Mind those pigeons and if I can I will be along to cheer you on. Hazel XXX
Well bugger me... after not hearing hide nor hair of you in an absolute age and first thing I know, you're rubbing shoulders with Nelson in Trafalger Square! Love it. Good on you Jill! May the gentle summer breeze lift your lovely balloons high into the London sky...and raise loads of cash for charity at the same time. I have donated £20 to Medecin Sans Frontiers. Lots of love, Katie xxx
Jilly, I am so proud of you. Ava and I will be there on Monday cheering you on. We have made a donation to Cancer Research for whom no excuse is necessary but should I need one your activities are a fantastic reason for donating. All that's left to say is...... go Jilly, go Jilly, go Jilly .....
Hi Jilly What a clever idea. I'm so pleased to be a part of this event with you. Lance and I have donated to The British Friends of Neve Shalom -- Wahat al-salam (Oasis of Peace). It is a bilingual school in Israel that integrates Palestinian and Jewish children so that they can grow up together while learning tolerance and respect for each other. This school also has a global peace outreach program. I'm looking forward to watching your webcast! Love Nicole
Hi Jill I have given £10 to Cancer Research UK which supports the work of around 3,500 scientists, doctors and nurses and undertakes a comprehensive programme of research in institutes, hospitals and universities throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. Regards Andreas
Good luck Jill. May the pigeons miss you..!! £50 donation going to NSPCC.
Jill, My donation has gone to FARM-Africa. They provide training and support to poor rural communities in Africa so families can help work themselves out of poverty by improving the ways in which they manage crops, livestock, forests and access to water. I hope to be there on the 6th to see you in your hour of glory! Sue
Hi Jill, You'll have such a blast up there! And all the while knowing your plinth experience is making a positive difference! I've donated 15Pounds to the Parkinsons Society. I'll be there cheering you on the 6th! Yvette
Jill, wish I could be there to witness this wonderful thing! Hope there will be a lot of photos taken.... Am donating to Cancer Research. Have fun on the day! Mary x
Jill This is such a lovely idea, you know I'll be rooting for you! Most of all have fun up there in the knowledge that you've done a lot of good. I'm donating £20 to SANDS, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society. All the best, Caryn x
Hi Jill Well done! I am very impressed at your creativity - I love the balloon idea. I will support one of your balloons happily xx Shirley
Jill Will run down to see you loitering on the plinth as I only work about 300 yards away. Have donated to Alzheimers for the same reasons as mum. See you on the 6th! Sarah
Jill What a fantastic idea! I would have loved to come down and see you on the day but I'll be in Glasgow. Anyway, I will definitely be thinking of you. And for your troubles, I will be donating £20 to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Good luck - and remember to take a brolly, it may come in useful whatever the weather - and not forgetting the pigeons of course! Martin
It is a far, far, better thing you do .... than I could! I have made a donation to the Optimum Population Trust, inspired by you and our new patron, David Attenborough. Mind how you go now. Stella xxx
Hi Jill I've just made a £10 donation to The Samaritans who provide confidential non-judgemental emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. Its a fantastic charity that provides a brilliant service. Well done Jill, I love this idea! Esther
I've made a donation to my local hospice. The hospice movement provides such invaluable care and support it shouldn't have to rely on charity but it does so hence my (small) donation. Jill, I can't wait to see the pics. Enjoy your 60 minutes of fame - I just hope those pigeons don't take a fancy to you!
I also donated to muscular dystrophy campaign as it's so important to raise awareness and to aid research into cures for this muscle disease as well as offering support to families affected.
I am donating this to help reasearch into muscular dystrophy and in particular for Jacob Kyle Gilbert Enjoy your hour on the plinth.
Hey Jilly - Couldn't bear to think of you standing up there looking gorgeous with NO BALLOONS LEFT!!! OMG! My donation to Lewy Body Society GBP20. My brother is suffering from this cruel illness, he's pretty unaware what's going on but the toll on his family is enormous. Have fun - bask in the limelight. Here's hoping for a fine day with a gentle little breeze. You are, as always, amazing. Marina xxx
Donating to charity is always something I am going to do but seldom get around to it, so this is a great nudge for me and of course I wish to support you in this, and wish you good luck. I have donated £20 to cancer research, as I have lost my mother, father and step-mother to cancer. Paul and I will be thinking of you on the 6th. Anne
What a brilliant and very original idea - well done. I've made a £10 donation to cancer research. Good luck Jill and enjoy your 60 mins xx
Hi Jill, love the idea and the fact it has inspired me to be more structured about donating to charity. The things most dear to me at the moment are my wife and 2 boys. I can't begin the imagine what a childs life would be like without love and support or worse when the people who are supposed to take care of you do the opposite, so am donating to the NSPCC. I've set up a monthly £5 donation which is easy to do on their website. Good luck on the day - hope it stays dry and you dont get carried away by 60 balloons before you start !! Jamie (and Suzy, Elliot & Lucas)
Hi Jill, As you know I'm about to ride 400 mile on my bike in the French Alps, over some of the biggest mountains in the Tour de France for a local charity that supports the Barns Green Village Preschool. Without funds from the charity they wouldn't be able to continue to run. Anyway I think this is a very worthy opportunity for me to put my own hand in my pocket and donate £10 by buying a ballooon. Let's hope all goes well with both our charitable ventures!
Jill, what a wonderful way to use your 60 minutes of fame. I'm proud to be able to support such a great initiative. I've given £30 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I'm lucky that several members of my family have survived breast cancer, including my Mum.
Jill, what a superb idea and what a laugh you are going to have going up on the first day !! ;-D I am going to make a £50 donation to the St Francis Hospice in Havering-atte-Bower. The staff looked after my Nan a few years ago before she died and they did everything they could for her. They do such a fantastic job whilst everyone around them is suffering. All this whilst having to find £4 million a year to operate - quite incredible. I'd be delighted for you to release a balloon for me - your cause is inspirational !
see post 24
see post 24
Thank you for being a conduit for people to 'give'. I, like many of the people we know, have had wonderful opportunities in life. Some by design, some by luck. I have teenage boys that are big, strong and full of attitude. While they aren't seen as 'cute & cuddly' anymore, they are still just big vulnerable boys who need lots of love and support. To this end, I have made 3 donations (2 x boys + me) to 'Youth off the streets' in Sydney that will hopefully extend some love and care to boys that have become lost. Love...
Great idea sis! We have made a $50 donation to the Cancer Council here in Oz. We'll be checking up on you via the webcam.
Good luck Jill, hope it goes well for you. I have made a donation to the charity Action for Blind People. A good friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. From being a very active eighty year old he is now facing a very different old-age from what he was expecting….