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Jilly's 1 Hour Webcam
Jilly's Pre-Plinth Interview
Jill Gatcum, a 51-year-old IT consultant, is third in line at 11am. She releases one balloon for every minute she is on the plinth
Real People Fill In For Statue In Trafalgar Square (pictures/audio)
Stop frame animation in Trafalgar Square
Jill Gatcum releases balloons encouraging people donate to charity.
Public launch of Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth marathon begins
Real People Fill In For Statue In Trafalgar Square
Anthony Gormley's Fourth Plinth Installation Begins(14 pictures of Jill Gatcum)
Briefly Ascending to the Spotlight, Britons Take Their Place Among Giants
Interview (1 hr 48 mins 45 secs into program)
Interview (29 mins into program)
Interview (2 hr 52mins 15 secs into program)
Not a patch on Nelson: Now there's a poo on the Trafalgar Square plinth
Plinth Protestor Steals Gormley's Thunder
Antony Gormley brings the public to the fourth plinth (and me releasing balloons!)
Opening of Trafalgar Square plinth begins Gormley's 'picture' of Britain
Video of Antony chatting about his art work and meet some of the people who have taken part
Balloons go up for Trafalgar Square plinth's 'Ms Ordinary' star of the plinth
Antony Gormley's first Trafalgar Square human ‘sculpture’ named
‘Stay-at-home mum’ has honour of being first living sculpture
Stay-at-home mum to be first 'living sculpture'
First fourth plinth participants revealed
Housewife first on Fourth Plinth
Gormley's Plinth Project ready for kick-off as human statues prepare to perform
Fun, but is it art?
Vying for the spotlight: Housewife and town crier are among the first to perch on the Trafalgar Square plinth
Gormley art goes live but protester hijacks the launch
ARTS: Trafalgar Square fourth plinth: members of public become living sculptures
Arts Council England, London enews - July 2009
One And Other Kicks Off With Plinth Invasion
Deja Vu?
Antony Gormley's 'One & Other' recycles Warhol