Balloon Charities


This page lists the people who 'bought' my balloons by donating to the charity of their choice plus some of the reasons why they did so ... please enjoy reading about them.

You Go Girl!!! How amazing and I can\'t wait to hear about it.... Good luck and Enjoy.
I have made a donation to Facing The World. This is a charity which helps impoverished children with severe facial deformities. This surgery transforms the children and radically changes their quality of life. Watch the short video on the website and I challenge you not to be moved..... It puts all make-over shows to shame.... Give kids the chance to smile. X
Hi Jill,

Ive just donted some money to the Sea Shepherd organisation. Its headed up by a guy called Paul Watson - who is completely barking - he was a founder of greenpeace, but they were too tame for him - this guy gets stuck into full on direct action against whalers, and protecting the sea in general...Anyway, Ive been meaning to donate for some time so thanks for the prompt. Hope it all goes well on the 6th............
Jill, firstly this is an absolutely super idea! Good on you for winning and coming up with such a thoughtful and honourable idea.

I\'ve made a donation to Dreamflight, which allows seriously ill and disabled children to go on the holiday of a lifetime to DisneyWorld in Orlando every year.

Unfortunately I can\'t be with you on the day, but I\'ll be looking into the sky from Winchester for my balloon!

Good on you again Jill!
Jill, an undisclosed portion of the Booker estate has been transferred to Medecins Sans Frontieres as a result of your initiative - because I like what they do, and used to luv the tv show
A truly inspiring idea! I\'ve made a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee, an excellent charity offering emergency aid to countries all over the world. I\'d love to be there to support you on the day, workload permitting! Hope you have a great time!
Jill, you are clearly bonkers but we will be there gazing up at you on 6th (promise no tomatoes!). We are making a donation to the Alzheimers Society - As you know my mum suffers from this condition and we can\'t emphasise enough how much more research into the disease is needed. See you on the day.
Well done Jill, a very classy thing to do. I\'ll come down and support you. My donation has gone to the Pilgrims Hospice in Kent. They do amazing work, supporting patients and their families through the most difficult of times, unfortunately my family needed their help last year, and they were amazing.
Classic - very original Jill, my $30 NZD has gone to Greenpeace an independant organisation that defends the natural world and promotes peace.