It’s been quite a week…

Posted on 9th July, 2009

...but first some points around housekeeping.

No messages or responses have been deleted or removed from this site just moved. Well, not quite true, as a message from Fanpages was removed and even he, and I do know him, would be the first to admit a post on a SQL server error does not make the most gripping reading! The other entries have been moved to the Comments section in all their unexpurgated glory.

As to comments re the environment, I refer you to my blog entry of 10 June ‘So many rules…’ Thanks to Nick for both reading it and bringing it to people’s attention.

Finally, I’ve added a Gallery page to the site so you can see some pictures of what was a busy and fabulous day. I’ve also included jpegs of newspaper clippings because that is the only way my family in Australia will see them.

This blog will continue, but it’s been a wild and wacky week and I’m just trying to get back to ‘ordinary’ life.

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Comments (2)

Dear fp,

Yes, I'm beginning to see how you might ... but the problem is all fixed now.

Supreme Commander of this Site

If SQL Server errors are not appealing, then you will not wish to read about the hyperlink error on the "In The News" page...

Stop frame animation in Trafalgar Square

The link points to the (non-)Uniform Resource Locator:


Yes, two "http://" prefixes (and if the comment text parser decides to intervene again, that was two occurrences of http [colon] [slash] [slash]).

Did I mention my ability to test people's patience as well? ;)